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Postnatal & Newborn Care

Postnatal Massage

Full body massage, using a special warm oil blend. Rebalance vital energies (vatta, pitta, kapha) and prevent cold air from entering their body while it is going through the vulnerable post-birth healing process. This also aids the mental and emotional state while soothing and preventing various discomforts that commonly occur during the first few weeks. 

Abdominal Binding

Binding of the full abdominal region, using 15 yard fabric. It is recommended that new mothers have their hips and abdomen tightly wrapped with a long cotton cloth in order to aide the muscles (pelvis, rib cage) and organs to return to their usual positions. Doing so helps to prevent short and long-term back pain, lowers the risk of a uterine prolapse, corrects postural problems that occur during pregnancy. 

Recovery & Lactation

Delicious Ayurvedic treats specifically for new mothers, with extremely high nutritional values. These products aid in recovery following childbirth, helping to replenish the mother's body of lost nutrients while also leading to the production of high quality breastmilk. Available to order when booking postnatal massage and/or abdominal binding session. All products are made fresh .

Newborn Massage

Traditional Ayurvedic baby massage using pure coconut oil, applied warm. Massaging babies has numerous benefits. Regular massaging promotes better sleep, better feeding habits, and improved digestion. It is recommended for all newborns. Your doula can show you how to perform this technique yourself, as well.  

Essential Care

We offer comprehensive newborn support to help mothers navigate the early days with their babies. Essential care includes massaging, bathing, grooming, feeding, and soothing techniques. We are here to provide the assistance and reassurance that all new mothers need.


Newborn Massage

Book 1 Session: $40

Book 8 Sessions: $299

Newborn Essential Care

Book 1 Session: $65

Book 8 Sessions: $499

Mama & Me (Full Service Bundle)

Book 1 Session: $175

Book 8 Sessions: $1399

Postnatal Massage

Book 1 Session: $85

Book 8 Sessions: $649

Abdominal Binding

Book 1 Session: $40

Book 8 Sessions: $299

Massage & Binding Bundle

Book 1 Session: $115

Book 8 Sessions: $899

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